Cobra Miniature Donkeys Arrive from M5 Ranch, Dallas Texas

The Cobra Miniature Donkeys Arrive

by: Dick

This has been one of the biggest times in our new lives in Tennessee. We just took delivery on 24 miniature donkeys; the entire herd from M5 Ranch in Dallas, TX.

Busy? Yes, BUSY. I am not sure how to compare it to anything. It is something like sitting at home reading the newspaper and sipping on cool lemonade in the air conditioning one minute and the next you are surrounded by 24 elementary school kids whose names you don’t know and whose parents left on vacation!

We are loving every minute of it! At first the entire group was very stand offish. They just got off the trailer and we tried to pet and scratch everyone of them plus provide food and water. They were afraid.

Even Precious (one of the very cute little girls with an outgoing personality) ran from us. That’s about as disappointing as when you were a kid on Christmas and you opened your presents but had to go to the relatives house for Christmas dinner and couldn’t take any of your new toys with you.

By the next morning it was better but still no Precious. About 24 hours passed before they started really coming around. Part of the problem was we had 5 family members come over to see them on the second day and that scared them again. Just for the record, and just incase any of the family members ever reads this Blog, the family isn’t scary but the miniatures were on overload for new experiences. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

The third day was much better and by the evening everyone was more or less back to normal.

We are starting to learn their names but have no idea who a few of them are. Every time we go out to the pasture to play with them and feed them we say we have to send some photos to the seller and ask who this one is!

As for the herd sir, Raz, he is struggling. We have a nice little pasture for him and a large barn stall. He paces constantly and really wants to get to the girls and go to work. Reminds me of a newly wed husband at the Reception wanting to start the Honeymoon!

The four little boys are so cute. These are all future herd sirs but for now they are just spoiled little boys.

That is about it for now, I have to go feed some hay to them. We have kept them in a small pasture that only has a little grass. They will go in the big pasture this next weekend. We wanted to keep them together and close to us until we got socialized with them and figured out who is who.

We also wanted to put Raz to work but not until we got everything figured out and who was ready and make sure we knew who everyone is.

Thanks to Starla and Noe Martinez at M5 Ranch in Dallas for selling this outstanding herd of miniatures to us, we love the little folks and everyone who comes over just falls in love with them. We have to kick most visitors off the property; they don’t want to leave, just sit there and play with the Donkeys.

Again, it is like the Christmas you didn’t go to relatives for dinner but they came to your house and you had to share your brand new Christmas toys with all your relatives and all you wanted to do is play with them yourself!

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