Meet Dixie and Daisy (Want to scratch my Ass?)

Dixie and Daisy

By: Dick


It is time to meet Dixie and Daisy. Daisy is a beautiful Spotted Saddle Horse and Dixie is the product of Daisy and a gaited donkey. For those of you not into the ways of the farm that makes Dixie, a Mule. Mules are sterile and can only be produced from the crossing of a horse and a donkey. Donkeys are not sterile and can reproduce.

Enough of the biology; Dixie is an Ass, Mule, stubborn and beautiful. We have had both animals since Dixie was three months old and Katrina loves to scratch her ass. (no more such cheap jokes, at least in this blog today).

As of this writing, Dixie is now two years old and has grown beautifully. She has another year to go before Katrina can begin to break her for ridding. She is a Gaited Mule and has a gait when she runs that makes you stop and stare. She has gone through a number of personality growth periods not unlike children except hers all occurred over a period of one year.

Katrina Dixie

For the first year she was just a cute lovable baby. She loved attention and she got all she needed from me and Katrina. Then the changes started. First there was the scared and shy stage and then came the rebellious teenage rage and now we are settling into the more mature young lady stage.

Daisy at times seems to be the ever present loving mother and other times looks like she would like to eat her own off spring for being so bad. If there is trouble in the pasture you can bet Dixie started it and Daisy is simply chasing behind trying to get her daughter under control.

Dixie, Daisy

Believe me this will not be the last story about these two!

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