Climb a fence and do Karate?

Katrina climbs the fence; Call 911!

By: Dick

Katrina Dixie

Katrina is obviously a Tom Boy but there are times when her feminine side shines bright. I am certainly prejudiced but I think she is one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever met but she can get down and dig a ditch or get greasy working on a car, no problem.

You probably read the previous post about our recent adventure with Dixie and how serious it could have been. At the time I was playing with my cars and moving one from the garage to the shop to work on it and noticed Dixie was in the neighbor’s pasture. I wasn’t concerned at the time just ticked off she jumped the fence. She was happily grazing on their tall lush grass. I assumed it was another case of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and she simply bounded over an obstacle to get some food. Since Dixie is Katrina’s true love it was up to her to retrieve the mule. She thought the entire episode was very funny and couldn’t stop giggling. I on the other had, was very upset thinking this damn animal is going to jump that fence every time she doesn’t get what she wants to eat.

Well, Katrina stopped laughing long enough to start after Dixie. The first challenge was the fence. Now Katrina may be a Tom Boy but she has a long way to go to be a farm girl. The fence along our property line is the typical cattle fence with a strand of barb wire at the top. Most of the posts are steel with the appropriate number of wood posts along the way at corners and other locations to add strength.

As I sat at the picnic table drinking a Gatorade I saw my city wife try to cross the fence knowing that this was going to be a learning experience and possibly a trip to the hospital. First she looked the fence over carefully to decide how best to tackle the task. The obvious first step would be to place a foot in one of the fence squares and swing the other leg over the fence, put that foot in a fence square, swing the other leg over and step down. Not good for the fence but it works.

Well, Katrina thought it best to go to a wood fence post and put a foot into a square and step up. So far so good much like I described but even better because the fence is stronger at the wood post. That’s when everything went city and girly on her. She became very frightened of the barbed wire and thought she should stand on top of the fence post! She climbed up the fence and then proceeded to balance on top of the post like some amateur poser of the Karate Kid getting ready to strike.

It was at this time I decided I might as well call 911 because we were going to need an ambulance to put her back together and remove the barbed wire from around her butt.

As usually happens, I was wrong and gravely underestimated my lovely wife, she proceeded to jump off the post and go on to save her Dixie.

Oh, there is a footnote to this story. She came to me later that night and said she had a pulled a muscle in her groin and couldn’t figure out how she did it. I reminded her of her acrobatic crossing of the fence and she just smiled and quietly walked away and never mentioned it again.

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