Our First Ass Showing!


By Dick

We did it! We went to our first Miniature Donkey Show as participants. It was the Bedford County Fair Show. We chose it because it is not a big show and considered a “fun show”; a show for beginners. It is a day that will go down in the memory banks. I will not attempt to tell you everything in one day but you will get the full story over the next week.

Let’s begin with how it all started. Once upon a time there were three eager Donkey owners who wanted to show their asses but were shy and inexperienced so they choose a small out of the way fair in Tennessee as their virgin attempt at success. Miniature Donkey shows include different kinds of classes for showing off your ass depending on how old it is and other classes for performance including pulling a cart or a log and jumping your ass and other equally entertaining speed events.

We were told that because it was just a fun show we could wear short sleeve shirts (the temperature was in the mid 90’s as was the humidity). We were also told we need not use show halters or other more formal attire for us or our animals. This was good news since we own none of it. However, we did have the required cowboy hats and boots so we were good to go.

We decided that Katrina, my daughter Kandi and I would all show at least one miniature donkey. Remember not one of us had ever been in a miniature donkey show ring in our lives. Although Katrina has showed dogs, she has never shown her ass before.

In addition, we thought since none of the donkeys had ever been shown, as many as possible needed the social experience of going to a show and meeting strangers. The result, we would take five donkeys to the show. No big deal, just wash them up, give them a clip and teach them to walk on a halter, stand solid for the judge, trot on command and put the ears up etc. Since the animals have only been on the property a little over a month we had to get busy.

A week before the show we still had not decided who would be going and only one or two of them could be considered halter broke and none of them had ever been inside our trailer.

The two days before the show we were running around like we were getting ready for the first day of Kindergarten. You know what it is like, the kids didn’t know what was going on and the parents were scared of all the horrible things that could happen. By Saturday morning we were all calmly raging at each other.

The first thing was to get the little creatures into the horse trailer for transportation to the Fairgrounds. Remember these animals have never been in our trailer and most of them have never had a halter on until one or two weeks ago! The game plan was walk them to the trailer and let them jump in. WRONG! Leading them to the trailer was a chore, getting them to jump in, forget it.

Change of plans, I got into the trailer, pulled on the lead, Katrina lifted the front legs and Kandi pushed from behind; once the front legs were securely inside Katrina lifted the rear legs. SLAM THE DOOR, SHE’S IN! Oops, so am I. Ok, now I had to tie the donkey up inside and ask to be let out of the trailer. We repeated this five times!

But wait, there’s more. You can’t travel with the little ones tied up in the trailer. They are too small and need to be free to move about. So one more trip back into the two horse trailer containing five little donkeys and remove all the leads and then escape without letting one of them out. You should also know that five scared little donkeys poo a lot! I made it, just had to clean my boots.

Then we were off.

In our next post we will tell you about arriving at the Fairgrounds and getting ready for the show. Oh, and at the show; you have to hear what happed there!

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