Time to Unload, are we in Kindergarten Again?

Bedford County Fair Miniature Donkey Show

By Dick

In our previous post you read about the trouble we had loading the miniatures, well now we are at the show and have to unload the little ones. All and all it was about the same effort only in reverse. For those of you who live in the north, it was again like Kindergarten when you went out to play in the winter and the teacher had to help 30 spoiled little brats put on overcoats and boots for recess. Recess was over before the last kid was outfitted for fun. I was afraid the show would be over before we got all of the little ones out of the trailer and cleaned up!

After the appropriate amount of chit chat with the other competitors and looking over their striking animals it was time to clean our asses. Anyone got a fire hose? Remember this is a fun show and our competition were grooming like it was Miss Ameirca.

We were the only ones at the show who took the term “fun show” seriously. Everyone else was out for blood; they had show halters, they had fancy leads, and some were dressed like it was the Nationals. We were in blue jeans, had regular halters and leads and our spotted donkeys had a few extra spots courtesy of our pasture.

Katrina and I felt a little like Ma and Pa Kettle taking their Donkey to the State Fair!

Well, we did the best we could and wiped down the animals with a wet cloth and did some last minute walking (mostly dragging) the animals and trying to get them ready for the ring. Katrina has shown dogs for years, judges at the dog shows and showed in barrell racing as a kid. However, I have never shown a miniature donkey before and tried to watch the others and hoped to learn something.

As the first classes began to show it began to rain; it is an outdoor show. We did not bring rain gear and our asses were getting wet! Oh, and the donkeys were getting wet also.

Next time, the show.

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