Step UP; It’s Show Time

Show Time!

By Dick

Cobra's Sweet Rose

This is “Sweety”!

Katina’s donkey, Sweety was entered in the third class. Thank goodness someone was going before me! There were two donkeys in her class, so we knew she couldn’t do worse than second. The rain stopped and the sun came out, it was hot.

She bravely strolled off into the ring with Sweety. Sweetie is a very pretty donkey and has an excellent body, but the first time she had a halter on was two weeks before the show. She had never been shown before and tends to be a little reluctant to new experiences.

The judge had each participant do what they needed to do, scrutinized the animals and made her decision. Sweety won! Oh, my, God! First time in the ring for either of them and they won.

When we were loading the trailer to leave for the show, Sweety was such a handful I told Katrina to leave her home! When they came out of the ring I apologized to Katina. This experience reaffirmed my knowledge that this redhead is more stubborn than any donkey. She stuck to it and got Sweety to perform for her. The competition was strong. I am not just saying that, her competition had a beautiful animal that had previously been in the show ring numerous times and never finished worse than third.

Before we left for the Fairgrounds our idea of a successful day was to have all five of the donkeys go into the ring and walk down past the judge and not embarrass us. A blue ribbon against stiff competition was just “icing on the cake”.

Next up was Katrina again. It was a much bigger class and she was showing her favorite little jack, nine

month old Neerie. He is full of spunk and is all personality but is going through an ugly growth stage where nothing looks quite right. They all do this, but she loves the little guy so much he had to come to the show. He got a fourth place. Not bad but someday, he will be a Champion.

Now it was time for the big event. All three of us were going into the same class at the same time. It was the biggest class of the day. Again, my goal was to get through the event without being embarrassed.

We watched as some ehibitor’s animals froze before they got to the judge, we saw others perform beautifully. Kandi went first. She was showing Precious who is stunning but just recently developed a case of shyness. She was refusing to walk earlier but Kandi got her to do her stuff with the exception of the trot.

Precious 2(Small)

“Prescious”, her name says it all!

Next, I was going in. I grabbed the lead with a strong hand and said Kool Kue, your up, let’s go. On the Thursday night before the show I decided to show Kool. The Monday before, was the first time she had ever had a halter on. The first time I ever tried to get her to stand for judging was on Friday, the night before the show and I failed. She never stood still.

She walked, she trotted and she did good.

web kool

“Kool” was my girl of the day.

Behind me was Katrina with Silky, a beautiful spotted, I refused to take into the ring because she would not walk for me. I watched as they came in and Silky did much better than I expected. Katrina had never practiced with Silky so the twosome did quite well.

M5 Strawberry Silk

“Silky” is a beautiful spotted.

As the judge was going down the line of 10 miniature donkeys, Katrina kept whispering to me to hold Kool’s head up and get her ears up. I said are you kidding? She is standing still and all four legs are on the ground. I have never seen her do this before. I am not about to set her off dancing again just tying to get her head and ears up!

The judge is done, the awards are being presented and I got second place! Sorry, I got carried away; Kool got second place I just stood beside her. Unfortunately, neither Precious or Silky placed. I think their behavior made the difference, they’ll both have their day.

We went to this event expecting it to be a fun show. It was a fun show, but we learned we need to get our game face on for future shows. We also learned that our animals can surprise us and make up for our short comings.


Now, before the next “fun show” we need to get some halters with silver and diamonds, some fancy gloves, new designer jackets and a pedicure for the miniatures. Look out we got our game faces on now!

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