Hitler would have loved Lucille!

In this picture Lucile looks so innocent, that is how she kills so many rolls of toilet paper, they never saw her coming!


Lucile is one of our two cats. Katrina went to the pound and fell in love with a cat. She called and asked if it was ok to bring the little boy cat home. Of course I said wait, I want to see what this animal looks like. My plan was if I give her time to think about it and she thinks I am coming over to give her a hard time she will just go home and forget all about it. Well, I showed up and I fell in love with a little girl cat.

That is how we left the pound with two cats instead of one. Linus the boy was to be hers and Lucy, the girl was to be mine. Surprise, the cats had different ideas. Long story short, Linus (the boy) is my cat and Lucy is now Lucille (the girl) and is Katrina’s cat.


Linus is a little lazy and a lot fat. His story at another time.

I have to admit that Lucille is the most remarkable animal. She has very expressionistic eyes. You can always

tell what she is thinking. She also chirps and never meows. She has a vocabulary of 6 or 7 chirps all of which mean something. We understand her and I swear she understands 90% of what we say. However, when she wants to she ignores 90% of what she understands.

Unfortunately, she also thinks she works for Hitler, elite SS troops. She likes to corner dogs and make them weep; every night when the lights go out she hisses and swats at Linus. I have told Katrina more than once I was going to get her a little helmet with a spike on top to wear, sometimes she even goose steps down the hall!

One of her favorite things to do is attack the toilet paper. She sneaks up on a roll of TP on the roller; jumps the unsuspecting tissue and commences to apply rapid fire claws. This causes the TP to spin wildly and unroll at never intended speed. Within seconds there is a pile of shredded TP on the floor below. When her chore is done she turns and runs as quickly as she can.

One morning this week I left my office upstairs and went down to the guest bathroom in the hallway. As soon as I opened the door I saw the savage remnants of Lucille’s attack on an unsuspecting role of TP. I moaned and quickly decided this was a mess for Katrina to clean up, after all Lucille is her cat.

When I came out of the bathroom there was Lucille standing behind a large white pillar in the dining room. All you could see was her little head and her two huge eyeballs looking right at me. Her face was saying, “Did you see what I killed?” She thought she was in trouble but she had to check to make sure. When I yelled, “Lucille” she took off like a bullet and I never saw her the rest of the day. That’s not quite true; as soon as Katrina got home she came out because she knew I wouldn’t kill her in front of Katrina.

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