Wild Turkey meets Horse; Turkey Wins


By: Dick


We just said good-bye to the first member of our animal family, who has now joined someone else’s family. For the first two and one half years we have been collecting animals on a regular basis. Now it is time to sell a few. This was a difficult decision. Brit is an absolutely gorgeous Tennessee Walking horse. He stands 16 hands tall; that is really tall for a Walking Horse.

He was living on our ranch when we bought the property and we purchased him from the seller. The seller was moving to a sub-diivsion and could not keep him. When we first got Brit he was under weight and not very happy. He was snorting and starving for attention, but very intimidating. Katrina is the horse rider in the family. I like the horses but when you are on top of a 16 hand animal, that is a long ways to fall. Brit always acted very tough and tried to show us that he was the boss.

That all changed one day; Brit really liked me and I liked him. However, one day I learned what a sissy he really was. I was out in the pasture and he was near the barn. As I walked through the tall grass I scared up a Wild Turkey. Don’t believe what you hear about Turkeys not being able to fly. They may not fly to the islands for the winter but those big birds do fly! This big sucker would have made any Thanksgiving table proud! He was big and loud.

As he took off over my head he was gobbling for all he was worth. After passing over me a foot above my head he flew for Brit. The big feathered monster was making a racket and passed right over Brit and scared him to death. He was too scared to move or snort. He simply looked at me with wide open big dark eyes and you could see the fear in the eyes. His face was very expressive; I swear he was saying “Daddy, Daddy help me! The big bad bird is going to get me!”

I called out his name and went up to him and gave Brit a big hug around the neck. We were best of buddies from then on. He would do almost anything for me. If someone was riding him and I was around, he would walk over to the fence for me to tell him how pretty he was and what a good boy he was.

He went to an excellent home and will be well taken care of, but I do miss the big galoot.

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