Introducing Dolly, What A Great Dog!



By: Dick

When we left California right after January 1st we looked a little like a modern day Noah and his diesel burning 36 foot arc on wheels. We were in our motor home with cages of numerous doves, three dogs, two cats and a lot of Tylenol! It’s a 2,000 mile journey with natural enemies next to each other. The cats were in cat carriers staring through the openings at doves in bird cages. The dogs were in dog crates next to the cats. All we needed were a few monkeys swinging from the curtains! Since it was January there wasn’t much talk about taking long walks.

We surprised everyone and arrived in Tennessee without incident. Since then our animal family quickly began to grow. First there was Dolly. The best dog we have ever owned. She was running wild in the neighborhood, the result of some one’s decision to abandon a wonderful animal. She was left to fend for herself and beg or catch food as she could.

Although hesitant at first, we soon took her in and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She is smart, loyal and extremely loving and appreciative. She is an unbelievable watch dog.

She knows where we sleep in the house and what window to bark at when all is not right in her world. At night when there is a stranger within 100 yards of the property she comes up to our window while we are sleeping and wants us to come check things out. At these times she uses an entirely different bark and when she uses it we jump.

She has woken Katrina and I up more than once in the middle of the night to alert us to a car that has went off the road in front of the house or if someone or something is too near our property. We will tell you more about Dolly and her warnings another day.

There are more animals for you to get to know and they will be introduced one by one over the next few weeks. There are goats, more dogs, a mule, horses and of course a herd of miniature donkeys. That does not include the wild animals that hang out on the property such as the wild turkey, rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs, possums, snakes, frogs, lizards and I don’t know what all else.

We have a small cemetery on our property and the photo of Dolly was taken on one of her hunting trips through the stones and trees right after we moved in.

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