New Olympic Sport Gets its Start in Tennessee?

Olympic Gold? Barn Skiing?

By: Dick

Could Shawn Johnson be Barn Skiing in the next Olympics?

As this is being written, the Olympics are winding down and we all know Michael Phelps won 8 Gold Metals. It is a real accomplishment to say the least. However, has he ever been Barn Skiing? Have you?

You are probably asking yourself, “What is Barn Skiing?”

I humbly have to admit it is a sport I invented; by accident and will hopefully never participate in again. In fact if I do it again, it will have to be an accident. It will take a very special person to carry this sport forward. In fact, it may take several shots of tequila to get anyone to attempt it.

Let me set the stage. It was a little over a year ago and our mule, Dixie, was just about six months old. Katrina and I were trying to halter break her. I had hold of the lead, we were in the barn and Dixie decided she didn’t like the halter, the lead, or being in the barn and at that very moment she wasn’t real happy with me either. I decided Dixie was not going to get the best of me. Dixie decided I wasn’t going to get the best of her and she won. She bolted for the other end of the barn, I dug in my heals and held on tight.

Now, I have flat feet, I mean really flat feet. If I had webbed toes I could be a duck. The floor of the barn is covered with a combination of fine gravel, straw and sawdust; I was not going to win this one. I was a goner. Dixie took off at a gallop, I held on; my feet were skimming across the floor like water skis on a calm lake. The barn is approximately 75 feet long and in that distance I invented barn skiing, set the worlds record for speed in the event (unofficial no time slip) and promised Katrina I would never do that again. Next time I will let go of the lead.

However, as I watched the Olympics this year I couldn’t help but think that such an event would make for excellent TV. Just imagine strong beautiful men and women being pulled behind gorgeous mules and horses, dust flying and the crowd roaring as they cross the finish line. There could be barn sprints, pasture marathons and even side by side competitions just like swimming. Of course we would have to start with some amateur events and then petition the Olympic Committee for recognition but what the heck this is America.

Any volunteers? I’ll coach.

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