New Baby is Born Today!

First Baby Born

By Dick

IMG_2123 WOW, that is all I can say. A new birth is always a magical moment. I don’t care if it is your first child, your first grandchild or your first litter of cats; giving birth makes a beautiful day. If your car didn’t start, if your boss yelled at you, if your family is feuding, if your shoes hurt, it doesn’t matter; the slate is clean when the new baby comes.

Today a new baby arrived at Legendary Farms. We knew Jetta was expecting any day and we made all the necessary preparations but didn’t think it would happen for another week or so.

As I walked out to the barn this morning to do my chores I spotted a new face. A beautiful little black Jack was galloping in the birthing area. As I got closer my excitement erupted and I shouted out. I was afraid I might scare the new little one with all my joy but to my surprise mommy and baby came running up to me!

Jetta and her new baby 1st day

As I entered the area, proud mommy Jetta, came up to show off her new baby. She was so happy and excited she threw herself against me and rubbed her head on my shoulder. It was just like a human child giving her father a hug when seeing his new grandchild for the first time! The baby was perfect and not a scared thought in its beautiful little head.

Just like any proud grandparent we will be posting new photos of the offspring on a regular basis and of course keep you up to date on this special little boy. He is the first of our herd to be born on the property. He is special to us and we are very proud of him.

Jetta and baby

The pictures you see here were taken just a few hours after her birth. He has no name yet but we will let you know as soon as he has one.

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO: miniature-donkey-and-baby


learning to kick

baby meet Dolly

Jetta and her new baby 1st day

If you like these photos we have more and a video of this little guy at 3 weeks. Click here and Click Here.

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