Hey Elevator! or Hay Elevator?

We Have a Loft

By Dick

Life in Tennessee is certainly different than it was in California. This past weekend’s experiences demonstrate one more time just how different it is.

Katrina and I both worked in office buildings with elevators in California. That can be a thrill in “Shaky Town”. When you live where the earth moves on a regular basis, living or working in a multi-level building can be a moving experience. Stepping into an elevator is a true demonstration of fearlessness. If you have ever “rode” through a good sized earthquake on anything over a single story building you won’t forget it.

Back to the point, when you are in the lobby of a building trying to catch an elevator and the doors start to close what do you do? You yell, “Hey Elevator”! Some kind sole either sticks his hand out to stop the door or some not so kind sole starts hitting the “close the door” button. Most often in CA it is the close the door button alternative.

Guess what? Katrina and I are moving up in the World. We are now the proud owners of an ELEVATOR! Yes, you too can own your own personal elevator. Sound impressive? Of course it does if you are a City Slicker; but to us country folks it’s no big deal.

You see, it is less of an elevator and more of an escalator. Still cool, right? How many folks do you know that own an escalator? Oh, one other thing you can’t really ride it either. You see, this elevator is a hay elevator. You use it to put hay into the second story barn hay loft. Another cool thing about TN, even the barns have LOFTS! You urban dwellers think it is cool to have a loft downtown near the action. You should try a loft in the barn, at night when the bats start to fly, the mice start to scramble and the farm cats start to prowl, now that is some action.

This weekend Katrina and I began preparing for the changing seasons by storing away hay for winter feed for the animals. I threw hay bales for part-time work at minimum wage when I was in high school and it was probably the best motivator ever for getting a college education. I swore I would never, ever do that again. Now, nearing retirement, here I am doing it again. Is this what they mean by life’s full circle?

The whole point of this entire blog is simply to tell you when you yell “Hay Elevator” in TN it means the tractor and trailer just pulled up and it’s time to put the hay in the loft!

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