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water fall When we moved from Southern CA to Middle TN the most often asked question was why did you move from California? This question always came from a native Tennessean and never from one who had lived anywhere else; they already knew the answer.

Our responses to such questions usually depended on our current situation and what we were doing at the time. This past holiday weekend was another reminder. No one asked the question but Katrina and I had the answers.

It was Labor Day weekend and it was filled with activities. We made two trips within the state and still had time for a family BQ at the farm. Katrina and I took a couple of extra days off and went to Fall Creek Falls for a night of camping and a couple days of hiking. It was a couple hour drive from home but gave us an opportunity to completely relax and enjoy some new scenery.

suspension bridge

This is a suspension bridge at Fall Creek Falls.

water fall

The smaller falls at Fall Creek Falls.

Then on Saturday we met up with some other miniature donkey breeders in our area to play with the animals. The primary purpose was to practice driving. Since Katrina and I do not yet have a donkey to pull a cart we were satisfied just to walk ours.

Miniature Donkey Cart

Miniature Donkeys are much too small for an adult to ride but plenty strong enough to pull to lovely ladies!

Miniature Donkey Cart

Back at the corral it was time to water and feed. This campground had 900 acres of trails, camp sites for horse trailers and corrals for horses! You can camp for the weekend in your motor home, trailer or tent and ride in the woods on trails all weekend.

Miniature Donkey Cart

Here are some tired little donkeys returning from their ride in the woods and over some steep hills.

It was great fun and great people. Next time we hope to have our own cart and do some exploring on the trails.

What does all this have to do with the most asked question: “Why did you move from Southern CA?” This weekend was an excellent example. In CA, Katrina and I were at the point that we stopped taking trips on holiday weekends, it was just too much work to leave town and return. The traffic was so bad from other folks tyring to leave metro LA that it took hours just to get out of town or return. It often seemed that the entire weekend was devoted to sitting in traffic. Even if you enjoyed the time away, the time stting on the freeway killed any relaxation you may have benefited from.

This is typical of traffic returning home from a weekend out of town in LA. Such backlogs often lasted for 60 miles or more and took hours to navigate through.

In Tennessee traffic may not be non-existent but it is not an obstacle to getting where you want to go. Sometimes, like this past weekend, it is even fun to get lost.

Back roads of TN

Some of our miniature donkey friends made the same wrong turn we did, but it was fun to explore and an adventure to remember. Where are those banjos I heard?

We were not the only ones who took the long way! Believe me when I say this beats sitting at a dead stop on a LA Freeway with 5 or 6 lanes of traffic.

Southern CA is a beautiful place with some of the best weather you could ever wish for but the peace and quiet, the green landscape and the freedom to move about are just some of the pluses or our new home.

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