Little Bird Needs Help; Snake Needs Breakfast; Now What?

City Girl Saves Bird

Katrina loves animals. I don’t care what it is she loves it. Sometimes I think when I return from an out of town trip I may find a donkey in my bed and some straw in the barn for me. Just kidding, Katrina would never let a donkey into her bed, they won’t lie still!

1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

This is Katina’s other Bird; 1965┬áThunderbird!

Just to show you how much she does love little critters let me tell you a story. First of all you have to understand as much as we love animals we also share a love of fast old cars. You can go to our other Web Site Legendary Collector Cars at to read and see more about that part of our lives.

Anyway, Katrina was in the dog yard and found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest and was about to be consumed by a snake that was slithering up to it. She scooped it up and brought it into the house and then began figuring out how to keep it alive. She decided to put it into a small gauge get some appropriate food and water and nurse it along until it got the rest of its feathers and could fly away.

Now, back to the cars; it was the 4thof July weekend and there was a GoodGuys car show in Nashville that we were registered for and did not want to miss. The decision was made that we would take the bird with us so Katrina could keep it nourished. Needless to say everyone who came by the car was curious about the little cage and what was inside so Katrina went through the story with each person. I never did get to talk cars with anyone very much. They all wanted to see the bird.

It was an extremely hot day but the bird was kept safe and even seemed to enjoy the little outing. When we returned home it was decided that the best thing for the bird would be to put it in a bigger regular size bird cage for the night. You should understand we have all different sizes of bird cages because Katrina has a flock of white and gray doves on the screened in porch! Sometimes they need to be separated and placed with different birds. We are always prepared for little scuffles between the love birds!

With the little bird securely at rest in his new home we went off to bed. The next morning Katrina was up early to make sure it got its breakfast. Within seconds I heard a scream that sent chills down my back and made me jump from bed and wish I kept a gun under my pillow. I was sure there was a one armed stranger at the door.

I was wrong. She rushed back into the bedroom and was sobbing. I asked if the bird was ok and she started cursing like I had never heard before. She said it was awful; it was terrible.


The night before she had not hung the bird cage up, just left it sitting on the screened in porch floor; the snake returned! It had heard the baby bird chirping, slithered UNDER the porch door, between the bars in the cage and ate the baby. However, it how had a BIG bulge in its stomach and could not get back out between the bars.

Katrina fumed, steamed and screamed some more about the terrible snake and the pool little baby bird. She felt so bad for it. She felt like a mother who just left her child unattended in the front yard and just heard the screech of brakes.

After a reasonable time to mourn she went out on the porch and picked up the cage and went outside. I did not follow because I was sure there would be splatter involved!

When she returned I asked her what she did. She said “I thought about killing it, but it was just doing what Mother Nature intended for it to do. I was just trying to survive. So I let it go!”

Do you believe that? This slimy snake just ate her little baby bird for breakfast and she lets it go free. That is one of the reasons I love her so much!

She loves animals; she has compassion and she understands the circle of life; she doesn’t always appreciate it but she understands it.

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