Baby Miniature Donkey Has a Name!

New Born Turns Three Weeks Old!

Topper at 3 Weeks A lot of people have been looking at our new little baby miniature donkey. He is the absolute loving est little guy you have ever seen. If he hears Katrina or I any where near the barn he comes running out his stall and wants us to pet him. He loves to be scratched and petted. The more you pet the more he presses up against you.

However, he just got some teeth and now he is like a little alligator! His mouth is opening and shutting all the time and he loves to bite. His favorite thing to do is grab hold of your pant cuffs and shake. His second favorite thing to do? Bite you in the butt! I am not kidding he runs up behind you and BAM, he has his teeth in the seat of your pants. It doesn’t hurt but it sure is a surprise!

It only took a few hours and we had a name for the little one; Legendary Top Hat is his registered name and “Topper” is what he is called.

The following are some more photos of Topper on his 3 week birthday, enjoy.

Topper at 3 Weeks

Topper is off on his first adventure outside of his stall.

Topper at 3 Weeks

His mother stayed close but let him explore all he wanted.

Topper at 3 Weeks

This is now his favorite spot on the farm; the woods out front of our house.

Topper at 3 Weeks

He is very inquisitive about everything.

Topper at 3 Weeks

He already has a proud stance and a spitfire personality.

Topper at 3 Weeks

In this photo he is just 3 weeks old and already chowing down on leaves!

Topper at 3 Weeks

We have already placed a halter on his head with no complaints!

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