Cats Rule: at least in our home!


I don’t have many rules; at least I don’t think so. One that I do have is no cats in my office. One rule Katrina has is Dick has no rules. I hate cat hairs on my keyboard and on my desk. Katrina likes her animals any where any time.

When I am in my office, door open, door shut makes no difference the cats stay clear. Katrina comes home, walks in my office and the cats march in behind her like she is there secret weapon and protector (which she is).

Lucille will look at me with great disdain and flaunt her superiority every time. I have learned that if I give her the evil eye it might slow her down but if I get out of my chair she will bolt for the door.

She is getting braver. Now when Katrina is not home she will come up to the very top step outside my door and lay there. Even if the door is open she will not come in but she let’s me know she is pushing it to the limit.

Linus is a little better but he likes to bust in and flop on my desk right in front of the screen. He thinks that I love him so much I couldn’t possibly run him off. He is wrong but he keeps trying.

I am sure that someday Lucile and Linus will be resting on my desk and I will be typing away on a keyboard curled up under a table in the laundry room next to a litter box.

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