Baby Miniature Donkey at Play; 3 Weeks Old


Topper at 3 Weeks

Topper, our first miniature donkey born on our farm, is absolutely a dream. The video posted here is him at 3 weeks old. We let him and his mother out to roam the property and he had a blast. He explored everywhere.

He also managed his first solid food. Every leaf he found went into his mouth and he was soon munching on them everywhere.

This little guy is so loving when he hears Katrina or I coming he runs up to the fence and begs us to come pet him. When you do go into his area he runs up and wraps himself around you. Try to leave and his little teeth grab your pants leg and hold on.

Watch this video and get just a small idea of why we are so crazy about these little animals.

Click on the link below.

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