Why Miniature Donkeys?


When friends and visitors come to the farm one of the first questions they ask is why miniature donkeys? What do you do with them? We are always a little stumped with such questions. To us it is a little like why do you have kids? What do you do with them?

Katrina, her sister Valerie as well as her mother Barbara have had dogs since the girls were just little kids. They have had many breeds and consistently won in the show ring. They have been to Westminster, they have won Best in Show at numerous shows, they have had the number one Saluki in the Country for multiple years in a row. Multiple Salukis have been in the top 10 as well as Whippets. Barbara has successfully shown Chinese Cresteds.

Over the years there have been other animals ranging from horses, cats, goats, llamas to tropical fish. We have found miniature donkeys to be a wonderful fit to our animal household.

They are easy keepers without a lot of high maintenance. They are very affectionate and extremely intelligent. They have distinct personalities and are not afraid to think for themselves. What some people mistake as stubbornness means, in many instances, they simply do not like what you want them to do or how you want them to do it.

What do you do with them? If love and companionship is not enough (Why do you have a pet?) there are many activities to share with them. We enjoy training them to obey; we enjoy taking them to shows and meeting lots of really nice people. It doesn’t matter if it is other owners/breeders or interested spectators, if you have a miniature donkey on a lead you will soon have many curious new friends. You can also train them to pull a small cart for the show ring or quite rides down wooded trails. This is our next challenge that we are looking forward to. In the show ring there are also competitions for speed, obedience and maneuverability. Many people have used their Miniature Donkeys for therapy with senior citizens, disabled individuals and children. In fact, we have been invited to bring several of our Donkeys to a chartered school to share with children from tough families trying to complete their education and go to college.

Why miniature donkeys? Because they make wonderful pets and we love them!

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