How to Beat Today’s Stress and Depression

Miniature Donkeys and Katrina

Stress Relief

By Katrina

Whether you read the newspapers, watch the evening news or surf the headlines on the Internet, the economic and financial news is very bleak. Unemployment levels are high, foreclosures continue to rise, housing starts have plummeted, consumer debt delinquencies are on the increase and the stock market is at levels not seen for years. And on top of the gloomy financial news, we have issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Darfur, etc. If all that wasn’t enough to get you down we are at the final stages of a Presidential election and two men, one of whom will be our Country’s next leader, seem intent on destroying the reputation of the opposing candidate before our very eyes. How on earth are we suppose to feel good about our future with such pessimism constantly blasted at us?

Miniature Donkeys and Katrina


I guess Dick and I are optimists. We have had economic problems in the past, and with time, this too will be an event of the past.

We each have our medicine for stress. Some people use alcohol while others may use pills. Dick goes to the garage and works on a car. My recipe for dealing with the job stresses, economic stresses, financial stresses and other issues is to come home and go to the barn. Regardless of how ugly my 401-K temporarily appears, how agitated everyone is at work or how terrible a traffic jam; I am healthy, have a loving husband a bunch of loving faces to greet me in the barn.

The moment I walk into the barn, our wonderful donkey, mule and horse “faces” greet me. They just want to be loved, my heart melts and all of the anxiety instantly disappears. Each animal is special and each has its unique personality.

Miniature Donkeys and Katrina

Every day I realize how special our Miniature Donkeys are and I know that these intelligent, sweet, gracious creatures will always be a part of our lives.

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