Stolen Car, Crashed, Recovered, Gone Again

1980 L-82 Corvette front

This is not an animal story but it impacted Katina and I a great deal and we wanted to share it with you and alert you to be equally careful with your animals. I have heard stories about guys getting their car stolen from a cruise-in or even at car shows. I have heard of a guy’s trailer, tow rig and hot rod being stolen from his motel parking lot. I have heard stories about guys getting cars stolen and having no insurance.

As usual, I never thought it would happen to me; of course it did. Two months ago Katrina and I had a Corvette stolen from outside the restoration shop. The car was never to be outside but just this once, it was left out overnight. Within two hours of the shop closing its doors video cameras recorded it being driven away.

The car had been at the shop for well over a year and it had an engine rebuild, new paint and new interior. I had picked it up and paid the bill but the windshield wiper still didn’t work and there were a couple of other small items that needed to be taken care of. It is enough to drive a guy to drink.

1980 L-82 Corvette rear

The punks who stole the car, filled it with gas, washed it, drove it to Nashville and did who knows what with the car that night. By the next morning they decided to give it another bath, this time in the Cumberland River. They started the engine, put a big rock on the accelerator, put it in gear and stood back to watch. These idiots evidently forgot to straighten the wheels and it hit a guardrail (all of this is from the Police Report).

So the car was stolen, wrecked and then recovered, but it is gone again. This time my insurance company towed it away. The damage was more than the car was worth so the insurance company totaled it. Of course the insurance money doesn’t cover the total costs we had invested into the car nor the memories of nearly 20 years of ownership.


Several lessons we learned that I will share with you.

  1. Have good insurance and keep it up to date. Check out Grundy Insurance.
  2. When you take a car to a repair or restoration shop make sure they have adequate insurance.
  3. NEVER leave your collector car outside overnight and NEVER leave it outside of your site during the daytime. Old cars are easy to steel and they are a temptation for joy riders and are loaded with valuable parts that are easy to sell on eBay.
  4. Just remember, if your pride and joy is ever stolen and if you get it back; it will never be the car you once owned. I owned that car nearly 20 years but I had no desire to go through another restoration and have it back. If the damage had not been so significant I may have felt differently.

If you would like to see more photos of this car,  more on its history and more about the damage, Click Here. To see some of our other car related articles, Click Here.

How does all this relate to miniature donkeys? As much as each of us love our little critters there are those who only see with jealous eyes. They may think they can sell the animal, they may want one for a pet for a child or grandchild. They may have other motives that we can’t even imagine. We must all be cautious of leaving our animals alone out in public, at shows or other events. We should also make sure our properties are reasonably secure from unwanted visitors.

You may also want to visit with your property insurance company to see if they offer an additional policy for your animals in case of accidental death or theft.

If you have any suggestions please let us know and we will share them with our other readers.

Times are getting tough and will likely get worse before they get better, please be careful.

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