Lucille; GO TO SLEEP!

Lucile If she can’t eat, you can’t sleep!


If you are a regular reader you have already heard of Lucille. If not, she is Katrina’s cat; not our car; KATRINA’S cat. She will have little to do with me and often looks at me with great disgust and wonders why Katrina lets me stay in the house. If Lucille was a human I am convinced she could be a serial killer. She is the only bi-polar cat I have ever seen.


One minute she is sweet and gentle (to Katrina, not me) and the next she is a witch! She is at her most extreme when her food bowl is getting low on food.


Our two cats, Lucille and Linus, are used to having a bowl with food in it at all times. This makes it easy for them and simplifies our lives when we can’t be at home for their regular feeding time. For the most part they will graze on the bowl all day long and eat just a little at any one sitting. However, Lucille has one terrible flaw.


She is very controlling and can’t stand it when her food bowl begins to get low. The cats eat out of one of those clear plastic jugs that is filled with food and inverted over a feed bowl. As they eat the food falls down into the bowl ensuring they always have food. When Lucille sees that the food is getting low in the jug she goes into her “Aren’t I Cute and Loving” mode. She will begin to purr and rub up against Katrina, she will seek out attention. This is the only time she will do it. If she is loving, the food is getting low.


Katrina loves to milk this for all it is worth. She enjoys having Lucille pay her attention. The rub is, if you don’t fill her food bowl before you go to bed she gets even.


Last night was one of those times. I needed to get up at 5:00 a.m. to catch a flight to California for work and really needed a good nights sleep. Katrina forgot to give Lucille food so she let us get to sleep and then it began.


Every time this happens, Lucille let’s us get deep into a sleep and then begins to run around the bedroom making as much noise as possible. She sticks her claws out and walks on the carpet; it sounds like she is scratching her claws on a tree next to your head. Then she bounces over to the small metal blinds on the glass doors out to the deck and begins to hit them with her paws. The sound is like a xylophone being played by a 2 year old. If that doesn’t work she will scamper across the bed on the pillows directly above our heads stopping at the night stand to knock off what ever she can find.


Last night she was playing piano on the door blinds; I looked up from my pillow and reached for a shoe to throw at her; I looked her straight in the eyes and I could read what she was thinking. If she could talk she said, “You see me you lazy oaf, get up and get me some food.” With that said she scampered off before I could reach a shoe. The concert of annoyance continued all night.


When we could take no more Katrina got up, went to the garage and brought in a full jug of food for the little control freak. At that point it was time to get up anyway.


We showered, dressed and headed out the door. As we looked back Lucille was sound asleep on the bed, her tummy full. She won again.



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