Proud Step Parents

One of the Christmas Cards we received this year was very special. It came from Marshlyn Reed (Ass Pirin Acres, from whom we purchased Neerie earlier this year. Before Neerie left his home he had the opportunity to meet some new friends. The water color you see here was painted from a photograph given to the artist (Sara B. Deponte White Pickets Studio).

It shows Neerie being his usual curious self and attempting to get to know a huge Clydesdale! Since he has joined our family we have witnessed his same curiosity with our new barn kittens. He seems to know no fear and is curious about everything.

Katrina and I want to publicly thank Marshlyn for sending us this terrific card with Neerie on it. We would also like to acknowledge the wonderful talent of the artist and encourage you to visit her web site and view the other wonderful works of art.

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