Lou The Mule should be named “Lassie”

By: Katrina

I adore longears! Along with our Miniature Donkeys, we do have one Mule, Dixie. About 1/2 hour from our home, in McMinnville, TN; a special Mule by the name of “Lou” brayed and acted up to get her owner’s attention. Her owner, Jolene Solomon was inside the home eating supper on New Year’s Day.

She went outside to see why Lou was acting up, and discovered her house was on fire. Her home burned to the ground and she credits her beloved mule, Lou for saving her life.

This story is heartwarming and reminds us how special animals are in our life. When I was a child, my horses and ponies were frantically running around all night long causing a commotion. Early that morning, we had the major Sylmar earthquake in Southern California that toppled the Olive View hospital, created wide spread damage and had everyone fearful for weeks due to multiple aftershocks. Our animals seemed to know hours before the quake hit that there was to be a major event. It’s amazing how animals communicate with humans to notify us of danger.

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