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By: Katrina

When we first moved to Tennessee, on the property we bought, were two horses. We purchased both horses and were excited about trail riding. One of the horses was a magnificent Tennessee Walking Horse.

Well about one year ago, Dick decided to be a lumberjack, cut down a tree on the property and unfortunately, the tree landed on him breaking six ribs and his right arm. His arm has never 100% healed and he absolutely cannot ride horses.

With this incident, I realized it was not fair to have the two horses and not ride them regularly. Therefore, I made the very painful decision to sell Brit. He really needed to be in a home where he was ridden regularly.

Brit is a beautiful horse and sold rather quickly to a gentleman who loves to trail ride back in the woods most weekends. Recently, we received an E-Mail from Brit’s owner and I was so touched to know that Brit was in the perfect home. Below is the E-Mail:

“I have been meaning to drop you a line & tell you about Brit .He has been the best !!! I really appreciate your honesty he is everything you said he was & more. The day after I got him we rode 25-28 miles on some of the roughest trails I have ever been on at Circle E Ranch . He was hot as a pistol in the beginning but he settled down quickly & was great! We bonded that day & he does everything I ask of him . I have ridden him 100’s of miles – every weekend that the sun shines since. He is fed oats & grain daily plus bermuda hay when in the stall & I keep a round bale of hay in the pasture constantly & he has 3 horse companions& 3 donkeys to keep him company! My friend that rode with me at Circle E & other trail rides said that it was a 1& million shot at getting a great┬áhorse like Brit the way I did & constantly tries to buy him from me but HE ISN’T FOR SALE !!!!!! Everywhere I go someone offers me more money for him but I don’t think I could find another horse like him – thank you so much if every one was as honest as you buying a horse would be easier than it is & I assure you Brit will have the best care money can buy & a ┬áconstant companion that he truly deserves . “

WOW, this sure warms my heart!

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