Embarrassing Moment

 Linus By: Richard

Our cat, Linus, has been a part of the family for many years. He has learned all of our habits and how to take advantage of them. He also, like most cats, loves milk and yogurt. In the morning while I am having breakfast it is not unusual for him to beg  for a little milk in his bowl. However, let me grab a cup of yogurt and he is an instant pest. He can be in any part of the house and as soon as I pull the cap off the cup of yogurt he comes running.

Our ritual is that I eat what I want in the cup but always make sure to leave a little around the edge of the cup and in the bottom. I place it on the floor next to me while I finish reading the paper and he cleans the cup out.

I was recently on a regular business trip out of town and stayed at one of those hotels that has a free breakfast bar. As usual, I went down to the lobby and grabbed a newspaper and a tray of food including yogurt. I found an empty table in the center of a group of similar travelers and began reading the newspaper and eating my food. That is one of my morning habits, read the newspaper and eat breakfast. I don’t make small talk, just catch up on the news and enjoy my food.

When I finished the cup of yogurt, you guessed it, I never looked up from the paper; I just reached down and sat my nearly empty cup of yogurt on the hotel lobby floor next to me! I never gave it a second thought, Linus would soon be licking the inside and I would hear the usual sound of the plastic cup scooting across the tile floor.

But wait there’s more! I was not at home! The floor was not tile and most of all, there was no Linus! I quickly reached down, picked up the cup and put it back on the table. I never looked around to see who was watching. I was too embarrassed. However, I did sense a slight quieting of conversations in the room.

I guess I am beginning to a feel a little too much at home at that hotel. I may need to start staying somewhere else.

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