Tornado Hits Murfreesboro

Many of you who know we are located in Murfreesboro, TN have called and emailed about our well being. Our town was hit by a disastrous tornado today that left many homeless and several dead. Our property and animals were spared of any damage but just a short distance away there is major devastation.

I was at my desk; looked out my window and saw the tornado pass by just a short distance away. It is Mother Nature at her worst.



This home was located just around the corner from a property we own. Ours suffered only minor damage.

Tornado Murfreesboro

This is the remains of a company’s office building that I have done consulting work with in the past.

Please say a prayer for those that were not so lucky.

murfreesboro tornado

What appears to be a pile of scrap metal in this photo is actually a number of semi trailers blown into a pile. Look carefully at the right side of the photo and you can make out some of the more complete trailers.

The National Weather Service said the tornado tore a 23.5-mile path through Murfreesboro and packed winds as high as 165 mph. The width of the storm was a half-mile, and it was on the ground for 36 minutes.

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