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Katrina and I recently expanded our animal empire by two. It all began this winter when my animal loving wife went to the barn to feed the precious little miniature donkeys. She opened one of the plastic bins we keep grain in and out jumped a barn mouse!

In her words it was more like a 10 pound rat and it went for her throat but she was able to wrestle it off only with the aid of a nearby shovel. My guess is that her screams hurt its ears so bad it ran for the field and never returned.


The Tractor Seat is Louise’s favorite spot in the barn.

Well, it makes no difference which side of the story you believe we agreed we needed to get a couple of barn cats to keep the mice population in line. After all we purchase grain to feed our animals and not the entire population of mice in Rutherford County.

With the assistance of Katrina’s sister, Valerie, we added two new little kittens to the barn. They are named Thelma and Louise.  They are terrific. Thelma is a real hunter and daily places her catch from the night before in the barn in plain site so we can’t possibly miss it. Bird feathers and mice body parts are now part of our barn decor. Although Thelma is loving and purrs as soon as she is picked up her joy in life is doing what we asked of her, hunting.


Thelma with a full stomach!

Now, Louise is a different cat. She is more of a lover than a hunter. I have yet to see her so much as bat at a fly. She prefers to sleep and be petted. When she sees Katrina or I approach the barn she starts meowing and running after us. She wants to be picked up and purrs as soon as we stop to pick her up. When we do, she just melts into our arms and purrs louder.

Even if she never catches a mouse she has a home for ever. In fact I have told Katrina I think we should swap her out for Lucile our house cat from hell. Louise would be a wonderful house cat and Lucile could use a reality check that living in the barn would deliver.img_9862-small

I never have to worry about the Tractor Seat being dirty, Louise keeps it neat as a pin!

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