Marco Polo

By: Richard

img_9860-smallDid you ever play Marco Polo in the swimming pool as a kid? You know; you close your eyes and yell “Marco” and the other kids yell back “Polo” and you try to find them. Well today I played “Marco Polo” in the barn but it was really “Louise Meow”. I also kept my eyes open even if it was an unfair advantage.

Let me explain. I went out to the barn this morning to feed the little miniature donkeys. The first thing I usually do is encounter Thelma and Louise, the barn cats. Thelma is usually just returning from a night of hunting in the woods behind the barn and Louise is usually just waking up from a night of restful sleep in the hay loft. On this morning Thelma greeted me in the grain room with a meow and then another and another. This was unlike her and there was no Louise. I really didn’t think much about it until I went out into the stall area and heard more meows.

These were obviously coming from Louise and sounded somewhat distant so I figured she was up in the hay loft and would soon be down to say hello and get a little loving. As I fed animals she still did not come around but kept meowing. Now I had to figure out what was wrong.

I would yell out “Louise” and a “Meow” would echo back. I kept yelling “Louise” as I walked through the barn. The “Meow” would get louder and then quieter. As the banter continued I began to hone in on the allusive meow.

Then I found it. The “Meow” was coming from the tack room. I opened the door and out sprang Louise. She meoooooowed and ran for the grain room and some breakfast!

We have had a hectic couple of days around here, which you will read about soon, and Katrina had accidentally locked Louise in the tack room when she was turning off the water to the stalls the night before.

All is well and Louise and I have a new game to play.

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