Life is Full of Twists and Turns!

By: Katrina

You often hear stories about family members reconnecting after many years. It just happened to me!

When my step-daughter and her husband moved to Tennessee, they went to the local shelter to adopt a dog. They were given the name and phone number of a local veterinarian that offered low cost spay and neuter services. It turns out that the veterinarian that vaccinated and spayed their new puppy is my cousin, Jana.


The last time I saw Jana, was in California (just north of San Diego) and I was 10 years old. THAT WAS MANY YEARS AGO!!!!!! As I child, I visited their mini ranch which was filled with dogs, cats and horses, including a Missouri Fox Trotter. That was the last I saw of Jana because her family moved away to Bend, OR .

Being a “blood” relative, of course, Jana would have to love animals. Well she does! Jana and her husband recently moved to Tennessee started up a small animal veterinary practice (Anderson Vet Clinic, Christiana, TN) just north of Shelbyville and raise and show Tennessee Walking Horses.

Dick and I recently watched Jana and her daughter Hannah showing at the International Grand Championship for Pleasure and Colts in Murfreesboro, TN. They walked away with a large assortment of ribbons.

Wow, I look forward to reconnecting with a long, lost relative!!!!

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