New Blessing

By: Richard

Baby Miniature DonkeyIt was a very good time on the property this past weekend. We had a new blessing added to our little family of Miniature Donkeys. Anastasia had a little baby boy. We were hoping for a girl but when we saw how cute he was and how wonderful his personalty is we fell in love with him anyway.

This little guy has no fear of humans what so ever. Have you ever picked up a new born, put them in your lap and had them go to sleep! Even Anastasia was ok with it. Katrina thinks everything should be held and kissed so she wasted no time grabbing the little guy, sitting down and started scratching him. It only took a few minutes and he was sound asleep. She didn’t do this just once but multiple times over the weekend.

I am impressed but I am waiting for the time when he is 6 months old, had a bad day in the pasture and wants Katrina to put him in her lap and rock him to sleep!

Baby Miniature Donkey

Here is the new little baby and his mother.

Baby Miniature Donkey

Katrina has just got the little guy to sleep and his mom is not the least bit concerned.

Baby Miniature Donkey

He is a doll and as friendly as any new baby we have ever seen.

Baby Miniature Donkey

I want to see Katrina try this in six months.

Baby Miniature Donkey

He does have a little playful side that is also starting to come out.

Baby Miniature Donkey

Look at that; his eyes are closed and he is sound asleep and I think Katina is about gone also.

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