Wilson County Fair

ribbons0314-smallBy: Richard

First Place –  Matched Pairs

First Place – Weanlings/Yearlings – Jennets

First Place – 2 Years and Over Jennets

Second Place – Weanlings/Yearlings Jack/Geldings

Third – Adult “In Hand” Trail

There are times when you just want to stop, sit back and take everything in and enjoy it. Yesterday was one of those days. It started out as normal as most, but it was show day at the Wilson County Fair. That meant it was going to be a hectic and busy day with donkeys to wash and a trailer to pack.

With the chores done, it was off to the fair with four of our precious little animals. Stroker (KKR Stroke of Midnight) was going to have his first experience in the ring. My daughter, Kandi, and Katrina were going to handle all of the ring duties while I was the hired hand.

Kandi was especially nervous. Two weeks prior, she decided to try her miniature, two year old Hottie (Legendary Hearts Wide Open), in “In Hand Trail”.

For the two weeks prior to the Fair, she worked with Hottie for an hour, 3 nights a week and for several hours on the weekend. She made significant progress on several basic elements. Kandi remained steadfast and excited about the opportunity to compete at “The Fair”; until she got there and saw the course and competition.


She asked several times if she should just “pull” Hottie from the competition. Kandi thought the course was much too complicated for her and Hottie. I did the fatherly thing and convinced her not to quit, just go in, give it her best and believe in Hottie.

Besides, she had invited her husband’s family and some of her close friends to the Fair to watch her show. How could she back out now?

Early on Katrina and Kandi both went into the ring to show in the same Halter Class. It wasn’t the first time they have shown against each other, but it was the first time Kandi and Hottie beat Katrina. Hottie got a Blue Ribbon and Kandi won huge smiles and hugs from all of us.

Kandi and Hottie had just enough time between classes for the excitement to wear off and wonder if they should really enter the ring for In Hand Trail. Long story short, they went in and came out with a third place ribbon! Way To Go!

How did the rest of the night go? Katrina and Kandi entered a total of 6 classes and walked out with 3 First Place Blue Ribbons; 2 Second Place Red Ribbons and 1 Third Place White Ribbon. A very good evening indeed.


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