Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event

By Richard

There is an event that comes to town once a year that Katrina and I try to never miss, the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) competition in Murfreesboro, TN every Labor Day weekend. We just stumbled onto it and have been big fans ever since our first event.

Not only is it extremely close competition, lively, action packed and fun; it is free. Unfortunately, very few people know about it and attendance is very low.

Basically, cowboys and cowgirls ride horse back through a course and try to burst as many balloons in the shortest time possible. Typically there are 10 to 12 balloons and they manage this in 10 to 12 seconds or less usually without missing a single balloon. If that is not enough of a challenge they must also change guns during their run. So that means they have to cock the gun and shoot 5 or 6 rounds, holster their gun, pull out the second gun and cock and shoot 5 to 6 more balloons all at full speed on a horse running a strange course. Now, to make it even better, in one class the second weapon is a riffle!

All riders also wear vintage style gear and use period correct style weapons. One of the most interesting classes has all the riders in authentic Civil War attire. If you ever get the opportunity to see one of these events please do yourself a favor and attend. If you like horses or shooting you will love this unusual event.

Here is a sample of the kind of action you will see. We will also have a video of a portion of the opening ceremony in a few days.


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