Introducing Topper

I thought it would be fun to give an overview on different Miniature Donkeys in our herd. Each donkey is very special and we cherish having them in our lives. The first donkey is Topper.


Perfection’s All Jetted Up was bred to Itsy Bitsy Front and Center (a beautiful black male that now lives in New Hampshire). On August 20, 2008, Topper was born. I went to work that day and my husband, Richard called and stated that a new baby had been born on the farm. When he went out to the barn, Topper ran up to him with no fear and from that moment on, a permanent bond was established. Not only is Topper gorgeous, but he has the cutest personality. Everytime Richard goes into Topper’s yard he bends down and puts his shoulder against Topper’s neck and Topper responds with a hug by pushing his neck and chest into Richard’s shoulder.


In no time at all, Topper was halter trained A favorite game is to run in Topper’s yard and have him run with you. And don’t even think about walking another donkey around Topper. He’ll grab the end of the lead and try to assist you. If your body is ever positioned at his level, you can count on Topper either placing his head on your shoulder or resting it on top of your head. He plays with our barn cats and loves going to the fence to inspect the cattle grazing next door. What a curious boy! Topper is now 1 year old and maturing into a beauty.


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