Dynamo; A Whiz Kid in the Miniature Donkey Kingdom

By: Katrina

Have you ever worked with an animal that you thought was smarter than the people you work with?

Miniature Donkey

Well, we have worked with some animals that, shall we say “doesn’t have a full load of hay in the loft”! Our beloved little Dynamo is not one of those! He is part of the Cobra herd and was born in Texas. His father goes back to Cobra’s Chico and Cobra’s Little Joe. His mother goes back to Cobra’s Red Man and Cobra’s Arthur. I have been told that donkeys from this lineage demonstrate high levels of intelligence.

When Dynamo came to our property he had not had much socialization and was generally standoffish to most humans. I spent some one on one time with him and he responded quickly to my usual hugs and kisses. I progressed to my typical “hands all over his body” treatment including lifting his rear legs. He soon came to crave attention.

I am profiling Dynamo due to what I believe is his extraordinary intelligence. He was one year old when he arrived. At that time we had too many males and because he was closely related to the rest of the breeding herd, he was gelded to become a performance donkey.

Initially, I started taking Dynamo through obstacles such as walking over tarps, bridges and logs. Tasks that have taken other donkeys several sessions to learn, Dynamo mastered in minutes.  I then placed harness equipment on him, attached a cart and began training for driving. Again, a few sessions  and Dynamo understood the commands and was driving a cart as if he had been performing his whole life.

At one point we had Dynamo “for sale” but many people told me that I was crazy to sell him and that we should keep him and enjoy having a performance gelding for shows, parades and community activities. I never was real wild about the idea of selling him because he is such a love bug but that can be said about all of our little critters. I felt guilty about trying to keep so many of “our four legged little kids” but decided they were right. We took him off our For Sale page and will be keeping him for fun next summer.

Dynamo continues to progress so well that we are very excited about what the future holds for him. I will continue working this winter to perfect his performance abilities and see how far he can go. He is truly an amazing donkey and will be so much fun.


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