Christmas Spirit

By: Richard

Christmas Parade Miniature DonkeyThe Christmas season is the time of Joy and Celebration and the birth of Jesus.

It is a time of memories; a time for family and a time of worship. It’s a time to put aside unpleasant events and memories and cherish the Miracle of Christmas.

Nothing cheers a person up more than going out into the cold winter day with your always loving little donkey beside you.

Katrina, Kandi and I set off on Sunday for our first ever Christmas Parade with three of our little ones (Dynamo, Aneda Rose and Hottie). A near by little community, College Grove Tennessee, was having its annual Christmas Parade and we thought it would be fun to participate.

We made our trip to the local craft store for some quick “donkey decorations” and set off to the parade site to meet up with some other Tennessee Donkey Club friends.

Christmas Parade Miniature Donkey

Katrina and Dynamo lead the way, he was having way too much fun putting his nose in candy baskets and sniffing small children!

I must admit that the cold air and the hunger for food in my belly were making me just a little “Ba-Humbug” but the smiles on peoples faces when they saw the donkeys in their Santa Hats and the little children jumping with excitement soon melted the cold in my heart.

Christmas Parade Miniature Donkey

Wow, there were a lot of floats, a marching band, animals, and Santa!

We were all amazed at how such a little town could put on such a long and quality Parade. From the time we stepped off until our return to the end was 90 minutes. At the end we were cold, hungry and overflowing with Christmas spirit.

Christmas Parade Miniature Donkey

Biggest surprise? Not one of the animals complained about the hats; I think they are all “hams” and liked all the attention.

Our three little donkeys behaved like they were Rudolph himself. Dynamo had never been off the property before for any activity and could not get enough of the attention, Hottie was extremely well behaved and Aneda Rose yearned for attention from the crowd lining the streets.

Christmas Parade Miniature Donkey

Katrina was already trying to figure out where the next Parade would be and see if she could get us signed up! I think next year’s Christmas season will be full of Parades for the Fleeners!

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