Today, Back in the Day!

By: Katrina Fleener

Mr. Peabody’s “Way-Back Machine”

We don’t really have a “Way-Back Machine” that lets us travel back in time. However, one cold winter night we did come across some old photos that put a smile on our faces. We thought you might get a kick out of them also. We will only do a couple at a time to keep from boring you to death.

First of all we need to look at where we are today.

TODAY!  Having fun at a Christmas Parade (2009)

Christmas Parade Miniature Donkey

We had a lot of fun participating in a local Christmas Parade. This was the first for our Miniature Donkeys and they acted as if they had been in parades on a regular basis.

BACK IN THE DAY (The Seventies!!!!!!!)


How fun is this photo!!!!!!  This was back in the Seventies and I was a teenager. The dog is my Greyhound, Cyrus, as a puppy, at his first dog show. This Greyhound was from the last litter from the famous Seamair Kennels, Santa Barbara, CA.  Seamair was very well-known in the 60s. This is a show win in which the judge was Joan Frailey. Cyrus easily attained his American and Canadian Championships and helped me to wins in Junior Showmanship.  Every weekend was spent at a dog show with my mother and siblings.


This photo (although quite old and worn) is also from the Seventies and is my Palomino Quarter Horse, Lipton. The first time I ever saw Lipton and rode him and he bucked me off. Despite objections from my parents, that was the horse I wanted to purchase. I like spirit and a challenge. He was a challenge at first but we became best friends and spent countless hours on long trail rides. The next time you see my, ask me why the horse was named Lipton!

I also showed him a few times in Western Pleasure, but in those days, I was concentrating on showing my dogs.  Our family also had a sorrel Quarter Horse, two Shetland Ponies, a Welsh Pony and a 1/2 Arab/1/2 Welsh foal.

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