Babies Expected for 2010

We are extremely excited and pleased with some of the babies expected for 2010. Below is information:

Expected Spring 2010



SIRE: Springlake Razmataz            DAM: Cobra’s Natalie Cole

Light Sorrel – 301/2″                                          Red/Brown  – 31-1/2″

This is an exciting breeding! Springlake Razmataz, son of the well-known Zeus is an excellent producer of champions. Cobra’s Natalie Cole is one of the few remaining daughters of Cobra’s Arthur and has produced outstanding, small, drafty foals. With the small size of both parents coupled with small genetics, this offspring should have beautiful confirmation and be small. Natalie has one red foal under 32″ and one gray dun at 30″.

Expected Summer 2010



SIRE: Quarter Moon Ticker Tape        DAM: Cedar Creek Aneda Rose

NMDA National Best of Breed Champion

Dark Red    30-1/2″                                       Red  – 32-1/2″

This is a very pretty match-up.  Quarter Moon Ticker Tape is a well-known Halter Champion with bloodlines going back to the Circle C, Sunset Acres and Lazy N stock. Cedar Creek Aneda Rose, is heavy on Lazy N stock with some of the Fisher line. Aneda Rose is very stocky with a pretty head, good legs and nicely balanced.

Expected Late Summer 2010


Flo Jo

SIRE: Springlake Razmataz    DAM: Cobra’s Flo Jo

Light Sorrel  – 30-1/2″                                    Dark Brown – 31-1/2″

Razmataz is a small, stocky jack with really nice confirmation. Being a son of Zeus, his bloodline is very limited and desirable. Cobra’s Flo Jo is a small, drafty jennet with excellent legs. She has produced very well in the past and throws her outstanding qualities.

Expected Late Summer 2010



SIRE: Springlake Razmataz   DAM: Perfection’s All Jetted Up

Light Sorrel  –  30-1/2″                                                  Red/Brown  – 32″

This breeding combines fine US and Canadian bloodlines. The Zeus bloodlines from Razmataz and the Canadian Perfection’s stock. Jetta is a daughter of Perfections’ Jett (A son of Future Link) and has The Fireman on her mother’s side. She has produced excellent babies, one red and one black.

Expected Fall 2010


Cobra's Sweet Rose

SIRE: Sringlake Razmataz          DAM: Cobra’s Sweet Rose

Light Sorrel  – 30-1/2″                                    Medium Sorrel  – 32-3/4″

This combination should really be nice. Razmataz is small, red and stocky. “Sweetie” (the above photo does not do her justice) is a beautiful stocky, red jennet with lovely confirmation. Sweetie is a daughter of Cobra’s Red Man and goes back to LN Roseato Luigi, Valentino 50th and Jennie Sam of Bell E Acres on her mother’s side. This is a wonderful pedigree.

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