Hottie Raised Money for Whitworth Buchanan Middle School

Schools have also been impacted by the “soft” economy. Whitworth Buchanan Middle School is the newest addition to the Murfreesboro, TN school system. The Principal, Avy Seymore and Vice Principal, Jeff Willhoit came up with a very clever fundraiser. The problem was they needed a Donkey.

To the rescue was “Hottie”, Legendary’s Hearts Wide Open. The fundraiser entailed contributions to the school if the Principal and Vice Principal kissed a Donkey at a pep rally. The Bet was On!!!!

Funds were raised, and Hottie had to perform. She was loaded up into the trailer, which she has done many times. However, she was required to walk through a narrow pedestrian door, walk down slick, well polished flooring in a hallway going to the indoor gymnasium. Then inside, the gymnasium had highly-finished wood flooring. Of course, I was a nervous wreck. I had visions of her being frightened and refusing to walk inside, slipping on the flooring, etc.

Well, I should have never doubted her, she walked through the door, down the slick, narrow hallway and into the gymnasium as if she had been down this path 100 times!!!!!!

Then the Band started to warm up and the cheerleaders began their chants and loud, yelling students entered the gymnasium. The excitement and the noise level began to grow. Absolute sensory overload, but Hottie stood there as if she welcomed the attention.

Finally, the P.A. system was turned on, the stands were filled with giggling and laughing students and the BET was being met. First, the Vice Principal, Jeff Willhoit kissed Hottie on the (you guessed it) the rump; and then Principal Seymore kissed Hottie on the muzzle. The students roared, and Hottie stood like a rock. Another loud burst of laughter erupted when Hottie (okay, she is a Donkey) had an accident on the floor. But this possibility was planned for and quickly dealt with. Hottie stood on a mat and clean-up occurred immediately.

That day Whitworth Buchanan Middle School made some money, Hottie loved the attention and many students and teachers got to experience the kind and gentle nature of the Miniature Donkey.

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