FUN AT MULE DAYS, Columbia Tennessee!!!

This past weekend we took a few Donkeys to Mule Days and had so much fun! This event has been going on for decades and brings in people from all over the area as well as from all over the Country. It attracts primarily Mules ranging from Miniatures to HUGE draft Mules. There is a parade through downtown Columbia and mules of all sizes pulling wagons of every possible configuration. There are also riding mules with spectacular tack.

The shows take place at the Maury County Park with the atmosphere of a County Fair. Taking place early in spring in TN ensures a variety of weather over the multi-day event. Most of the real die hard participants camp on-site with open camp fires, riders on mule back and young children everywhere. However, as the evening wears on the smoldering fires and darkness spiked with beer drinking mule riding cowboys creates a party atmosphere more like the infield of a NASCAR race at Talladega!

The Mule Days Celebration includes an event, Mini Mania, for the miniature Mules and Donkeys! The day was beautiful (temperatures in the 70’s) which brought in a large number of spectators. It was interesting to see both the mules and donkeys showing and performing side by side. We don’t get that at our regular donkey events.

We showed at the Mini Mania event (Miniature Donkeys and Mules):

Legendary’s Ginger Rogers

2nd Halter Weanlings/Yearlings    (very large class)

Legendary’s Hearts Wide Open

5th   In Hand (she is technically “green” for In-Hand )   Class of 15

2nd    Solid Color (also a large class)

Cyder’s Miss Perigee Moon

2nd     Spotted Color Class (large class)

Ginger and Katrina

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