Shania Twain and Taylor Swift take our car for a Ride Thelma and Louise Style!

Photo by Richard Fleener

Ok, forgive me! This isn’t a miniature donkey or any other animal from our farm but it is one of ours! We don’t just have animals we also are collectors of some fine rare automobiles. Katrina and I were fortunate enough to be asked if our 1965 Thelma and Louise style Thunderbird could be used for a commercial. We said yes, but when I showed up on set with the car I was blown away at all the security and star motor homes on the set.

Everyone you see in the video was on set with the exception of the “Donald”.

Forgive me for my transgression away from the Miniature Donkeys but thought you might like to see the video that opened the CMT Awards with Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Kid Rock, Ron White and Kenny Rogers. Katrina and I were thinking of selling the TBird after owning it for 10 years but think maybe we will keep it a little longer. Enjoy our car’s 10 minutes of fame.

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