Little Big Town

By: Richard

Obviously, this is a site all about Miniature Donkeys and related activities. When we are in the barn there has to be music playing and it has to bew either oldies Rock and Roll or Country. Living just outside of Nashville means that Country Music is everywhere and concerts are a big part of the life here. Last week was the annual CMA Music Fest with Country Music fans here from every State and 23 Countries; nearly 100,000 fans.

Although not much of a fan of large crowds Katrina and I decided to take advantage of an opportunity provided by SiriusXM Satellite radio and attend a free Little Big Town concert during the CMA Music Festival. The tickets were free and we both love Little Big Town and the weather was great so why not? It turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience that we will remember for years to come.

When we arrived at the theatre and picked up our passes we were ushered into a very small broadcasting studio in the top of Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville. There were only 50 seats in the room and we could literally reach out and touch the performers! Little Big Town entered the room to a greatly excited and very small crowd for “our private show” that was recorded and broadcast on the The Highway XM Channel 50.

Not only did the band give us a private performance, they had a small gift for everyone in attendance, took questions from the audience and performed for us like we were relatives.

From now on we will have more Little Big Town music on our MP3 player for sure!

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