Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

By: Richard

Summer is a wonderful time in Middle TN and we enjoy being outside as much as we can. On weekends it is not unusual for the family to enjoy a swim in the pool, roast a marshmallow or two around the fire pit and of course BBQs are also big.

As soon as Katrina’s feet hit the ground in the morning on a weekend she is headed for the barn. Once she has fed the animals a select few are permitted to roam the property and snack on fresh green grass under the big shade trees. Sometimes all of these activities come together in strange ways. One such occurrence took place when my daughter, Kandi, and her husband, Jeff, came over to celebrate Father’s Day.

It was the usual, with a twist. We were just finishing up with our picnic next to the pond when Rosy (Cobra’s Rose Petal)┬ádecided our human food looked a bit more inviting than her lush green grass. She preceded to stop by the table and take a mouth full of corn off of Jeff’s plate and then there were a couple of rolls that looked pretty good to her!

The next time you tell your dog or house cat not to beg at the table just remember Katrina lets her favorite donkeys sit down (Or is that stand up?) at our table and join the family for a meal!

Rosy cleaned her plate and then asked what was for desert!

Boy, I can’t wait to see what will happen on┬áthe 4th of July when my son Rick, his wife and my grand daughter show up! I am sure there will be some more stories to be told and pictures to be shared.

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