The Daily News Journal vists Legendary Farms

By Richard

It is not often that a newspaper calls you up and asks for an opportunity to do an article on you and your wife. As a City Planning Consultant most of the time in the past when I got a phone call from a newspaper or TV station they were looking for a sensational story on a new land development project or blighted neighborhood. However, the local Murfreesboro newspaper, The Daily News Journal, recently called and wanted to know about our farm and Topper’s big win at The Celebration. Once they discovered I also worked with the miniature donkeys and that Katrina also likes the cars we collect they wanted to do a feature on us.

Wow, was I surprised when I opened up today’s paper and there at the top of the front page was me and one of our cars! Now, the rest of it was more of a SHOCK than a surprise. It seems that after spending an hour or so on the farm and taking lots of photos and recording the entire interview the reported took this opportunity to let me know that Katrina is married to James! I always thought she was married to me!

Ok, so it was a typical newspaper mistake….remember don’t believe everything you read. Other than that one glaring error the article was very flattering and very appreciated. Since I am not worried about our marriage or some guy named James, I decided to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy what our local paper had to say about us.

Just remember, where ever it says “James” it should say “Richard.”

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