Grand Champion Halter Wisconsin State Fair 2012

Second Show; Second Top Overall Halter Donkey!

Although there was a miniature donkey show only 30 miles from our home in TN we decided it would be fun to pack up the motor home and go to a show out of our normal area. One of the best parts of showing these terrific little animals is the opportunity it provides to meet new Miniature Donkey enthusiasts. We love to see Donkeys in person that we have only seen in photos. Meeting their owners, trainers and breeders is also a joy…most of the time!

Although a long drive we headed north to the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair. This was their very first Miniature Donkey Show at the Wisconsin Fair and they did a terrific job. The biggest difference we found with this fair from others we have attended was the requirement to have your donkeys in the Fair Horse Barns for an extended time prior to and after the actual show. We were scheduled to arrive on Sunday after noon and depart on Wednesday. However, our plans changed.

In route on Saturday we received a phone call on our cell phone regarding a small scare in the new horse barn that the day; a Clydesdale in the horse barn was showing signs of a respiratory ailment. The fair quarantined horses on site (we were not yet on the grounds, or permitted to enter); had veterinarians quickly examine the subject horse as well as all others in the immediate area. Within 24 hours it was determined that the horse had influenza and after suitable observation, all horses were allowed to leave.

This unfortunate delay provided us with the opportunity to spend an extra day with Jenny and Ben Eastep on the Lil Angels Farm. Their hospitality was outstanding and they treated us to some wonderful food. We especially enjoyed the time we had to be entertained by their terrific 3 year old son, Waylon. We tried to trade a couple of donkeys for him but there was no way they were going to let that happen. Instead they convinced us to bring one of their baby donkeys home and we did. We will tell you about that later.

Once the horse barn was cleared we received a second call with instructions on when and how to bring our donkeys to the Fair. We were also assured that every thing possible had been done to ensure our animals would not encounter any possible exposure to the “flu”. As an extra precaution, we were moved to a completely different building and the horse barn remained closed for an additional 24 hours.

We really appreciate and applaud how the fair handled this episode. All was well for our show and it was wonderful. This was the inaugural Miniature Donkey show for Wisconsin State Fair. It is a tremendous honor that our Donkey, Legendary Top Hat (Topper) will go down in the record books of the Wisconsin State Fair as the Grand Champion Halter Miniature Donkey for the very first show in 2012. We should tell you that although this was the inaugural Miniature Donkey Show the competition was fierce and the entry contained spectacular animals.

We are also very humbled by our special little gelding who has now been shown in only two show, The Celebration and the Wisconsin State Fair and came home Best of Breed in both shows!

Oh, one more thing. If you have never been to a State Fair in the agricultural parts of Country you don’t know what you are missing. Although our free time was short you do have to eat….so….we ate our way though the Fair. We had melt in your mouth wonderful rib eye steak sandwiches, but these were out done by the Wisconsin breakfast pastries and deserts. Then there were the Wisconsin Cheeses, deep-fried anything and the list goes on and on. Just writing this makes me want to make reservations for next year!

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