Fall 2012 Foals

Let me introduce Legendary’s I Love Lucy. Lucy , a stunning red jennet (birth height of 21″) was born August 23, 2012. Her father is a beautiful red Cobra jack (Cobra’s Haileigh’s Comet). Comet is a medium red, with a white blaze,  31-1/2″ jack that is out of Cobra’s Red Man (dark red, 30-1/2″) and Sunset Acres Red Ruby (medium red 32″). Lucy’s mother is an older Cobra jennet, Cobra’s Natalie Cole; who is a direct daughter of Cobra’s Arthur (30″ gray dun).


I suspect that Lucy will remain small and has the sweetest personality and looks forward every day to her hugs.


Also born in August (8/29/12) was a red jennet with a large white star, Legendary’s Reba whose father is Cobra’s Haileigh’s Comet and mother is Designer Donkey’s Macy Lee. Macy Lee is an NMDA champion jennet who is out of Circle C Corona and Big Woods LN Miss Berri. This little baby was 22″ at birth and already is very out going like her mother.


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