New Fall Baby

In September, I was really looking forward to a new baby foal. The mother, Cobra’s Windy (Sire: Cobra’s Windancer and Dam: Cobra’s Ginger) is a dark brown (NLP) 32-1/2″ very stocky jennet. The only red in Windy’s background is her grandfather, Cobra’s Red Man. The father of this September foal is Springlake Razmataz, who is light sorrel. I told everyone that I expected a dark brown foal and though it would be really neat to have a NLP (no light point). Well, “mother nature” had different ideas and we had a bright red jennet with a small star on her forehead. What in the world!!!!!! I never expected this baby from this combination. Not complaining, she is beautiful!

Below is a photo of Legendary’s Southern Belle at one month of age.

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