The Cobra Story

What is so special about the Cobra herd????

JT Smith and his wife, Judy operated a successful business in Bixby, Oklahoma known as Cobra Manufacturing Company which manufactures archery and other hunting equipment. Thus, the Cobra name was also used for the miniature donkey operations.

It is believed that the original Cobra stock was the result of purchasing two jacks and one jennet from the Danby Farm in Nebraska. With original imports as foundation stock, Danby Farms is the first farm in the U.S. to raise and breed Miniature Donkeys. JT Smith also purchased two jennets from the August Busch, Jr. herd in St. Louis, MO as foundation stock.

JT Smith has line-bred this herd for 30 years with emphasis on sound, correct structure, while avoiding serious genetic faults. Many of the successful farms today either have the Cobra stock in their line, or their foundation animals were from the Cobra ranch.

JT Smith has not been active in showing his donkeys for several years, however, the 2008 “Supreme Champion Sire Award” at the NMDA Nationals was Cobra’s Randy Travis. Although Randy Travis has not been shown very much, this honor recognizes the quality of his offspring. (Randy Travis is at Li’l Angels Farm in Texas).

Legendary Farms is honored and proud to be  part of this wonderful Cobra heritage.

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