Reference Donkeys

Cobra’s Red Man

Date of Birth: November 7, 1993

Dark Sorrel – 30.5″


“Red Man” was retained by Cobra Acres and is one of their main herd sires. Many of the beautiful donkeys on our pages are offspring of this great producer.

SIRE: Cobra’s Arthur II

DAM: Cobra’s Martha

Cobra’s Geronimo

Date of Birth: August 27, 1994

Gray/White Spotted Jack – 30″


“Geronimo” is a main herd sire at Cobra Acres and a son of the great Spot producer Cobra’s Chico. Geronimo is a half-brother to Cobra’s Randy Travis (at Small Pleasures Farm) who was recognized as Supreme Champion Sire at the 2008 NMDA National Show.

At Legendary Farms we have several lovely offspring of this outstanding producer.

SIRE: Cobra’s Chico

DAM: Cobra’s Golden Molly

Cobra’s Windancer

Date of Birth: August 17, 1996

Dark Brown (NLP) – 32″


This son of Red Man has good bone, great width in his chest and fabulous hindquarters. These are all traits he produced on his daughters, on the “Brood Jennet and Young Jennet” pages on our site.

SIRE: Cobra’s Red Man

DAM: Cobra’s Sweet Red

M5 Cobra’s War Paint

Date of Birth: March 27, 1998

Gray/White Spot Jack – 31.25″

War Paint

“War Paint” is a spectacular son of Geronimo. He was sold to “De Colorstable” in the Netherlands. At his first show in the Netherlands he won 1st and 1a Premium which is the highest donkey award given in the Netherlands. War Paint has become a Dutch Champion.

SIRE: Cobra’s Geromino

DAM: Cobra’s Candy

Windcrest Java

Multiple Champion

Dark Brown 31.25″


“Java” is a Multiple Champion and son of Springlake Razmataz. He carries the bone and stocky build of his father.

SIRE: Springlake Razmataz

DAM: Windcrest Miss Scarlett

Cobra’s Randy Travis


“Randy Travis” is a 1/2 brother to Cobra’s Geronimo and received the 2008 Supreme Champion Sire Award at the NMDA Nationals. This award is based upon the quality of his offspring. The offspring that helped Randy Travis obtain this prestigious award are: Li’l Angels Full Moon, Li’l Angels Boston Mac and Li’l Angels Colonel Travis.

Randy Travis is owned by Ken and Jeannie Richards at Li’l Angels Miniature Donkeys.

SIRE: Cobra’s Chico

DAM: Cobra’s Texas Sue

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